Our Services

The strategic plan of the Fetal Diagnostics and Ultrasound Centre includes:

Provision of a platform for collaboration and information dissemination on issues of Fetal Ultrasound services among practitioners through effective use of the social media.

Organisation of certified regular training programmes in Fetal Ultrasound for practitioners that are of international standard.

Collaboration with notable international agencies and training centres to provide access for further training of practitioners both locally and internationally.

Regular attendance of meetings locally and internationally and making presentations at these with the aim of forging collaboration with other organisations that advocate for the health of the mother and fetus.

Involvement in public enlightenment programmes on the improvement of maternal, fetal and newborn health.

Facilitating relevant research and regular publications of ultrasound based research to help enrich the literature by encouraging practitioners to carry out such research and publish same.

Publication and dissemination of books relevant to the improvement of maternal, fetal and newborn health.

Provision of ultrasound scan services to provide high impact diagnosis and therapy.

To have a reputable structure both in building and equipment to enable easy delivery of the planned services.


To provide quality international standard fetal medicine and Obstetric ultrasound scan training that addresses locally relevant needs of practitioners.

To reduce maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality through the training of health care practitioners on the use of ultrasound to identify and diagnose basic maternal and fetal abnormalities and proffer appropriate management.

The provision of high quality ultrasound services and to act as screening and referral unit for fetal diagnosis and therapy in at risk pregnancies.

A strong voice in the advocacy for optimum maternal and fetal health through efficient use of ultrasound services.